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Why is taking your training online so important?

  • The dispersed workforce is a reality, hence it is difficult to keep everyone well prepared to do their job
  • Costs with current staff training are high 
  • Training is not effective enough
  • Staff need to be frequently updated on products and attend mandatory training  (compliance, safety, hygiene, etc)                      
  • Difficult to get everyone to participate in training (because they are busy, travelling for work, on leave, etc)
  • Not enough info to assess the level of participation and engagement in a training
  • Your training delivery method is not delivering on its promises
  • People are not using what they have learnt in the workplace

How many of the above sound true to you and your company?

At least a few, right?

Online learning with an LMS (online platform) can train your staff effectively... anytime, anywhere

What using a Learning Management System or Online platform can do for you:

Boost employee productivity

  • Better training means employees become more knowledgeable about products and services and have the ability to perform at a higher level. Getting employees to work more efficiently benefits your company andits outcomes. Well-prepared staff have a positive contribution to the success of the business and are also more likely to remain loyal to the company (better collective achievements and better retention).

Deliver content instantly

  • Our online learning platform centralizes training and data storage. It unites learning materials in one consolidated system – the Advance LMS. With all the content in one place, training can be delivered quickly and conveniently, allowing staff to acquire new knowledge and skills immediately and instantly. 

Reduces training and development costs

  • Training of employees is always worthwhile but it can require a huge training budget to make it effective. Online training reduces the training costs because there will no longer be a need for printed materials, costly travel and accommodation, on-site facilitators and time involved in taking employees away from their daily work to participate in scheduled training sessions. 

Makes your training available 24/7: anywhere, anywhere

  • Companies are now spread globally. The biggest advantage of using Advance for training your staff is that your people do not need to travel or be physically present at a determined place to be trained.
  • Your staff can access the Advance LMS platform anywhere, anytime. No matter what time zone you are in, wherever the location and device you are using (laptop, mobile phone, tablet) you are able to access content and to learn wherever and whenever

Easy reporting and metrics on learning

  • When using the Advance LMS online platform, data is automatically collected and reports can be easily generated based on different requirements and needs. The analysis of collected data can quickly provide an overview of content, courses and employee progress and results which can help businesses improve their training strategy and achieve a higher success rate. 

Unprepared staff impacts your team and company with lower results (also financially)

The story behind the creation of our LMS is a good example of this. Its told by one of our founders:

'I have been working in the HR and learning & development field since 2005, and since then I have worked with many companies across the world who want to improve their staff training.

In 2009 I was working with an international company whose challenge was to train every year over 400 people spread over 17 countries.

In the beginning, the company relied solely on Face-to-Face training, which meant we had massive costs with travel, accommodation and room rental

Because of this, the yearly training offer was very limited, and not very effective.

The company had been struggling with average financial results, poor retention of staff and low impact of its activities.

The following year I put forward a proposal for the company to take the training online and started looking for an LMS that could host our training courses.

Then I realised finding the right LMS was not that easy.

Most LMS' I tried were too basic, lacked support and above all way too expensive!! 

We ended up creating the LMS we wanted ourselves. Once implemented it was such a success! 

Because I have the firm belief that quality learning does not necessarily need to be super expensive, I took on a mission to start working on a new LMS solution that was even better, and Advance LMS was born.

Choosing an LMS is difficult, is it really?

In the last few years, we have been seeing an increasing number of LMS solutions. 

However, despite this diversity, sometimes it can still be hard to find the best LMS solution that fits the specific requirements for your organisation. 

Actually, the choice can be quite easy when you consider all the right factors:

  • Customer reviews (our LMS was considered one of the best in a comparison that considered 1128 customer reviews)
  • LMS features and functionalities
  • Ease of implementation and support 
  • Quality for pricing 
  • Customisation possibilities (to adapt it to your company)
  • Applicability and success criteria (Adaptation to the audience, customisation, ease of migration, and quality of support)

Having an LMS is expensive

Some  Learning Management Systems (LMS) are indeed very expensive. 

We commit to quality learning with an affordable online learning solution, which is why Advance LMS only costs 3 euro* per month/user.

Full pricing

*3 euros is the starting cost for our basic LMS package. Other packages

As you can see having an LMS does not need to be costly.

And most of all, you don't need to sacrifice quality for a low price. Our platform has all you need (and more).

  • Content creation: Create courses and learning materials easily
  • Content delivery: Engaging learning environment with info on progress 
  • Social learning: Enabling learners to learn by collaborating with each other  
  • Assessment and progress tracker: Integrated assessment tools which reinforce and measure learning 
  • Learning administration: Easy to manage learning environment. Content, trainers and learners management at the distance of a click 
  • Content storage and management: Easy to upload and organise training content and materials 
  •  Responsive design: Intuitive design that fits any device: laptop or mobile. Your learners will have the embarrassment of choice. 
  • Compliant with standards: Consistent with the latest industry standards in content interoperability: SCORM compliant, and a wide variety of accepted file formats
  •  Easy reporting and metrics: Simple and straight-forward analytics on learning activities and progress 
  •  Engaging learning environment: Learning experiences in light and interactive format 

What Advance LMS has done for our clients:

This is what adding the Advance LMS has done for some our clients:

  • 291.057 euro saved in 1 year by moving training partially online (blended learning)
  • Increase of 22% in learning quality
  • 427.426 euro in recruitment savings due to better retention
  • Reduced training time by 64% on compliance training
  • Reduced onboarding time by half
  • Progress from 43 to 72% score in business effectiveness
  • 37% higher financial results for teams trained via our LMS and method
  • 68.784 euro saved in 4 months by reducing traditional training costs (travel, accommodation, training materials)

Ready to boost your training?

To start straight away choose one of these 2 options:

Free version

  • Access to Advance LMS  
  • All features available
  • Reporting and metrics
  • Super fast content creation


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Pro version

  • Access to Advance LMS
  • All features and functionalities 
  • Reporting and metrics 
  • Super fast content creation
  • Intuitive management of trainers, learners and content
  • Responsive design (looks good laptops, smartphones and tablets)
  • Unlimited courses 

3 euros per month/user


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